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“Beautiful. Took me right back in time – reminded me a a bit of a Patsy Cline and Carlene Carter mix – with your own very unique style. Beautiful harmonies and your voice that grabs you right away. “

— Randy Skaggs, The Maestro Q108 KINGSTON

“You have your own straight-away voice and lyric style throughout that makes me instantly trust where you are taking me.”

— Journola

Those that know me, know that I am an avid collector of heart shaped rocks. Heart Rock “hunting” became a true pastime for me three years ago on a camping trip to Camano Island, a sublime spot I visit annually.  Like all beautiful things, this hobby grew into an idea; a song, and now, my record.

These magical gems are everywhere; and mostly go unnoticed. Thrown within a pile of a hundred other rocks, they are simply that. But when discovered, their beauty unfolds.

Songwriting for me is about discovering simple everyday stories. I have infinite gratitude for the freedom life affords me to create these stories.  For countless family members, friends and fellow musicians, who have carried me along the journey and inspired me to compose beautiful music from simple observation, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (rock).

I hope you enjoy my music and the journey it will take you.  And I hope you will always think of me when you find your Heart Shaped Rock.

Strum a little…. Abby K


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  bare your soul

  Abby K