April 1, 2016– HEY MARSEILLES

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‘Spot light on a Song’

A beautiful Friday it is music lovers!  Already the sun rises at 6 and sets at 8. In a few short weeks it will rise at 4:30 and set at 10. It still is an adjustment to my system each year moving into the summer solstice.  I’m uncertain if I will ever be used to it but I do love it.

Today’s featured artist is another local Seattle gem, Hey Marseilles.  It’s fun playing in local haunts I know they once played.  They are kicking off their new album release tour this weekend here which I had tickets for.   Unfortunately now, life takes me out of town and I will miss seeing them. But they will be all over the map this Spring and I wouldn’t miss them!

It’s taken 10 years and three albums, for the band to define who they want to be. Does any band ever really do that? To me it’s an ongoing evolution. The band’s previous two albums were self-produced and recorded over long periods of time in their home studio as well as unique locations like tunnels and churches.

On their self-titled third record, “Hey Marseilles,” have traded some of their sweeping, orchestral arrangements for more succinct, pop production techniques, while retaining core parts of their beautiful sound.  

This song “Heart Beats” is from their second album.  The video was taken here, all throughout beautiful Seattle. Places I frequent as a part of daily life.  I hope you enjoy.

Strum a little…..

~Abby K

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