April 17, 2015–                                              PERCY SLEDGE

April 17, 2015– PERCY SLEDGE

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Happy Friday music fans! Spring has sprung pretty much for everyone now and as all new things are being born, I dedicate today’s ‘Spot light Artist” to one of the greats who passed away this week. A song that touched so many lives, including mine as a young girl.
Percy Tyrone Sledge (November 25, 1940 – April 14, 2015) was an African American R&B, soul, gospel, and traditional pop singer born in Leighton, Alabama.
“When a Man Loves a Woman” was Sledge’s first song recorded under his first contract, and was released in March 1966. Hitting a home run on his first try is an unbelievable feat! According to Sledge, the song’s inspiration came when his girlfriend left him for a modeling career after he was laid off from a construction job in late 1965, and because bassist Calvin Lewis and organist Andrew Wright helped him with the song, he gave all the songwriting credits to them. It reached No. 1 in the US and went on to become an international hit. “When a Man Loves a Woman” was a hit twice in the UK, reaching No. 4 in 1966 and, on reissue, peaked at No. 2 in 1987. The song was also the first gold record released by Atlantic Records.

So sit back, close your eyes, sip your tea or coffee and enjoy this gem of soul that will be forever encapsulated.

Strum a little….
~Abby K

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