April 22, 2016– PRINCE

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‘Spotlight on a Song’

Hello music fans. I’m still in shock after yesterday’s news of the passing of Prince. I was busy working and out of touch with the world until about three o’clock when I read the news and my heart sunk. I thought it had to be a hoax. Sadly it was not.

Prince, similar to many, was an early musical influence of my adolescence. He was it. Shockingly cool unlike anything a 10 year old had ever seen. His songs made me blush; yet that never stopped me from listening. So many songs. So much talent. I’m heartbroken that his brilliance is no longer here transcending new dimensions. A true artist who has exemplified the meaning of being true to oneself; and the belief that following your passion will have a greater impact on the world.

I will continue to listen and share his songs. This one in particular is my earliest memory and favorite. May you rest in peace sweet Prince.

Strum a little….
~Abby K
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