April 24, 2015– BOB LIND

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‘Spot light on a Song’

And yes,–it’s Friday again music fans. This week has been a heavy one for me. But my friend, and an extraordinary musician and song-writer, shared this gem with me. Which has transfixed me and brought me much happiness and a lot of clarity. I will spot light him another week!

Bob Lind is an American folk music singer-songwriter, who helped define the 1960s folk rock movement in America and England. Lind is best known for his transatlantic hit record, “Elusive Butterfly”, which reached number 5 on both the US and UK charts in 1966. Many musicians have recorded songs by Lind, who continues to write, record and perform. How I haven’t known about him until now is beyond comprehension!

In 1988, he moved to Florida. Plus, he wrote five novels, an award winning play, and a screeenplay, Refuge, which won the Florida Screenwriters’ Competition in 1991! Wow. And for eight years he was a staff writer at the supermarket tabloids Weekly World News and Sun. What?! I guess everyone needs a job!

Lind returned to music in 2004 when, at the urging of his friend Arlo Guthrie, he played the Guthrie Center in Becket, Mass. Since then Lind has been touring. And thank goodness for that! I pray I’m lucky enough to be in a place he decides to play some day. That is for certain.

So sit back, and enjoy this little diamond. It’s priceless music.

Strum a little….
~Abby K

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