April 8, 2016– PETE YORN

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‘Spot light on a Song’

And I’m back.  Hello Friday.  And it feels like Summer this week here in the PNW. I was able to play hookie and drive an hour away to the Skagit Valley; the countries most incredible Tulip Festival.  Fields and fields and fields of daffodils and tulips of every color.  Miles of back country roads scattered with country houses and old barns. Perhaps my favorite dream to live in.   

But this city girl is in Seattle for the time being.  And happy to spot light this weeks artist: Pete Yorn, a long time fan of this guy.  And he’ll be here again early next week to release his new record.   

Born and raised in New Jersey, after graduating college, Yorn moved to Los Angeles, where he began to attract a following with his performances at Cafe Largo and signing to Columbia records in 1999. After experiencing this taste of success, Yorn released his 2001 LP debut, entitled musicforthemorningafter, which went gold on the strength of the album’s lead single, Life on a Chain.”  Pete is known for playing the bulk of the instruments on his records.

He’s such a talent.  And wonderful to see live if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity! 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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