August 1, 2014– A FINE FRENZY

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‘Spotlight on a Song’

Happy Friday! As a female musician and songwriter, I realize that I have been a little short on spotlighting a key element in the music world: WOMEN! And all of the beautiful ones that have been influential to me and who I have become as a woman myself in the arts.

So today I introduce to you music fans Alison Loren Sudol; the Seattle native and talent behind A Fine Frenzy. Alison has the voice and lyrical writing ability of what makes a songwriter really great. Capturing her listener and pulling them in under 4 minutes is not easy to do in today’s crazy technology time sucking fast world we live in. She has been around for a decade and I always get excited when a track of hers comes up on my shuffle. If you haven’t ever listened to her, do so now. She will take your heart on a journey, away briefly from life as you know it to a place of heart and soul. 

Strum a little….
~Abby K

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