August 15, 2014– MY MORNING JACKET

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‘Spot light on a Song’

It’s Friday music fans! Boy did this week go fast. Today’s spot light on a song is in honor of my ‘old Kentucky home’. Yes my friends, as the great Neil Diamond sang, I am a Kentucky woman. Raised in Louisville, home to Churchill Downs and of course, the Louisville Slugger bat. Happy to be heading back to my roots this week for a long overdue visit!

Musically speaking, let’s highlight one of my favorite bands, born and raised there as well. Jim James. The front man singer-songwriter of My Morning Jacket. A voice that put ‘reverb’ on the map. And rock band that has had significant proclaimed success. I’ve been lucky to hear him live multiple times and hope you music fans enjoy this week’s song.
Strum a little….
~Abby K

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