August 19, 2016– DR. DOG

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‘Spot light on a Song’

The end of another week. Hope you had a productive one. Heading off on a big adventure today.  Living on the West coast has brought me some amazing opportunities of travel practically in my back yard.  This trip however is a little different as I will sail by boat to our 49th State, Alaska.  I recall feeling this exact way heading to Disney World as a child for the first time.  

So today’s spot light is a long time gem I’ve enjoyed over the years.  A hidden treasure buried so deep I had almost forgotten about them.  Dr. Dog.  Hailing from West Grove, Pennsylvania, all members contribute harmonies.

The band’s musical styling of indie rock is strongly influenced by bands of the 1960s, such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys, also touching upon more unrelated genres since their inception and release of their first album, Psychedelic Swamp.  In 2004, My Morning Jacket invited them on two tours after a copy of Toothbrush was given to Jim James after a My Morning Jacket show.  The rest is history.  I hope you enjoy this little trip to Alaska.  

Strum a little…..

~Abby K


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