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‘Spot light on a Song’

It’s that day again music fans……FRIDAY! The best day of the week most of the world looks forward to. Some weeks, everyday feels like Friday for me. Others, not so much.

The first time I laid ears on today’s featured artist, I think I cried. Seriously. There was something so mesmerizing and unique with his sound. And I remember digging very deep into his catalog.

The Tallest Man on Earth. AKA: Kristian Matsson; a singer-songwriter from Dalarna, Sweden. Since 2006, he has released four full-length albums and two EPs. Critics have compared him to Bob Dylan both in terms of songwriting ability and vocal style. When asked about his lyrical style, Matsson explains that he began listening to Bob Dylan at fifteen, and upon hearing Dylan’s cover material, he “tried to figure out where those songs came from” and became slowly exposed to early American folk, such as Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. Swoon.

Matsson is known for recording and producing his own records in whichever home he is currently living and states that the connection between his voice and guitar is so strong, he rarely records them as separately tracked performances. This is no easy task music fans. And as a singer-songwriter myself, that is a skill I strive to capture when I record…while sounding authentic and good.

Matsson is also known both by critics and his fans for his charismatic stage presence. And tonight, he is bringing his energy here to Seattle. And I will be standing in the very front row to witness it myself. I absolutely can’t wait.

So hit play on this special performance he gave at NPR, sit back and enjoy. This guy is the real deal.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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