August 22, 2014– THE RONETTES

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Being back where I spent the first 18 years of my life has been wonderful. So many memories I’ve had time to swim through is truly a gift I am thankful for. Musically speaking, there are too many influences to even begin listing. I was born singing and performing.

So today I will highlight an era. 1960: An era that has had profound meaning and influence to me as a songwriter. An era I listened to for years, even still today. Because this era, in my humble opinion, is where music became infectious. And made a part of every household that existed. It is the era of the British Invasion, Woodstock, the first step on the moon. An era I desperately wished I had been born into.

So I give you this song. A song I particularly love and will be engraved in me for eternity.

Perhaps the best remembered of the “girl group” of the early ’60s. In towering black beehive hairdos and dark eye makeup, the Ronettes were a classic girl group with a sultry twist; vulnerable but tough, sexy but sweet. Everything I admire and aspire to exude with my songs. Enjoy! 

Strum a little…

~Abby K

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