August 5, 2016– DAVID GRAY

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‘Spot light on a Song’

How is it already August?!  This summer is flying by.  This week while waiting for a cashier to correct an error on my bill, a blast from my past came over the speaker.  The song (and the artist) stops me in my footsteps.  So I moved him strait to the top of my list to blog about.  

The English singer-songwriter David Gray, released his first studio album in 1993 and received worldwide attention after the release oWhite Ladder six years later.  He’s lucky it only took him six years!  It was the first of three UK and US chart-toppers in six years.  

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see Gray live as the moon was rising over my head.  A magical memory.  Take a listen and check out the entire White Ladder album.  Worth your while.  

Strum a little….

~Abby K


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