December 16, 2016– THE FRUIT BATS

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“Spot light on a Song”

Welcome back Friday….you know what that means!  Got a great song for you today.  I’m feeling super happy for many reasons. But one of them is because my new album “Heart Shaped Rock” arrives today!  It is already for sale digitally, but now you can get the actual CD.  Check it out sometime at  

Today’s ‘Spot light’ artist is from my old sweet home, Chicago.  Lead singer-songwriter and constant, Eric Johnson used to be an instructor at The Old Town School of Folk Music where I learned to play the guitar.  

He was a guitarist in various groups, including Califone and The Shins. He also had his own band he formed called the Fruit Bats, which he had been working on since 1997.

In November 2013 Johnson announced the demise of the Fruit Bats on the band’s website and re-annouced they were back together in 2015. They released their sixth album this year and I’m really excited that they’re coming to Seattle at one of my favorite small venues. I’ll be there.  

I’m grateful for so much; family, friendships and wonderful memories.  Enjoy this one…and share with someone special.

Strum a little….

~Abby K