December 2, 2016– DEEP SEA ARCADE

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Happy belated Thanksgiving!  I was so engrossed in cooking all weekend, that I completely forgot to take time for my weekly spotlight. I hope your holiday was fulfilling and happy.  Being surrounded by those you love is truly worth giving thanks.  Grateful for many things, one which is you who reads my blog.   Thank you.

Driving earlier this week, I heard a song which I can’t get out of my head.  Not many first time listens do that for me so I felt it was very worthwhile to share.  I find that pretty powerful; how the artist got me to sing his song for the past 3 days knowing little about them.  Yes it is quite catchy.  And the lyrics are fairly simple. But what got my attention is the instrumentation and different sounds they used.  

And although this Australian band has already reached great success across the world, Deep Sea Arcade began as a home recording project for founding members Nic McKenzie and Nick Weaver while in their mid teens, using four-track tape recorders, broadcast microphones, analog synths and unconventional computer programs.   

Check it out and enjoy it—maybe even get up and dance!

Strum a little….

~Abby K