February 10, 2017— VAN MORRISON

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Happy Friday!  The month of hearts has officially arrived; some together, some broken and some just scarred no worse for the wear.  All forms can be the inspiration behind a beautiful song. It’s been a crazy week of snow and rain here in Seattle. Finally the sun shines through leaving beautiful rainbows. Yesterday I got myself a nice pot of gold from a music review site called NO MORE DIVISION who really liked my new album ‘Heart Shaped Rock’. A humbling and happy moment. Check it out if you’d like at http://www.nomoredivision.com/indie-music-album-reviews

Today’s ‘Spot light’ is on one of my very favorite’s. Close to the top of my list. Van the man Morrison. The singer from Northern Ireland who got his start from the very early start and never looked back. Morrison can still sing like he did 40 years ago and mesmerize you with his multifaceted musical abilities.  

Tupelo Honey happens to be my most favorite gem of his; the album and the song. Because who can’t relate to comparing love to that? Wow. Morrison said he originally intended to make an all country album. Probably why I’m so drawn to it. The recordings were as live as possible – after rehearsing the songs the musicians would go into the studio and play a whole set in one take. “When he’s got something together, he wants to put it down right away with no overdubbing.” A dream and goal of mine; to lay down my songs and capture them in the way they are meant to be captured.   

So sit back and dive deep to your jar of honey.  Happy Heart-Rock day to you and yours; whatever and whomever that may be. 

Strum a little….

~Abby K <3