February 13, 2015– THE MAVERICKS

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“Spot light on a Song”

Happy Friday the 13th music fans! Thirteen is in fact my lucky number, so today has an extra special kick to it. And I’m not sure why but I’m feeling full of love….and not necessarily because of that Hallmark holiday so many celebrate, but just because. Although any holiday celebrating love for others isn’t so bad.

Today I introduce you to The Mavericks! An eclectic American band, combining neotraditional country music, Latin, and Rockabilly influences. The Mavericks were founded in 1989 in Miami, Florida. Between 1991 and 2003, the band recorded six studio albums, in addition to charting 14 singles on the Billboard country charts. Including a Grammy!

I love the fact that The Mavericks began their career within the punk and alternative music scene in Miami, Florida, frequently playing on the same bill as emerging acts like Marilyn Manson. So never underestimate the musical possibilities because when you hear today’s song you will be quite surprised. And also, The Mavericks will release a new album Mono, on February 17th….next week! So if you like this, be sure to check it out.

Enjoy this little gift of love….from me to you music fans. I hope your day today, and all days are filled with love. <3

 Strum a little….

~Abby K

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