February 20, 2015– FATHER JOHN MISTY

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‘Spot Light on a Song’

Happy Friday music lovers! How on earth did this week pass so quickly?! I’m still stuck on last week’s Spot Light golden nugget ‘Dream River’! But it’s another Friday and you know what that means. 

Today’s spot light is on Joshua Tillman: AKA: Father John Misty. Whoa brother! Tillman grew up in an Evangelical Christian household in Rockville, Maryland. And before he even discovered that he wanted to be a singer-songwriter, he had ambitions of being a pastor because it was the closest thing he knew to being a performer on stage.

Tillman said he was naive when he was growing up because there was almost no cultural influence and NO secular music allowed! Around the age of 17, there were new stipulations from his parents – he was allowed to listen to secular music that had a “spiritual theme”. So think about this when you take a spin of his song today….this music was written and sung by a person never exposed to any type of music until he was an adult. That alone is pretty powerful to me.

Tillman moved to Seattle when he was 21. He found a job there working at a bakery, which allowed him to record at night before his 4:30 am shift began. A demo he made eventually found its way to Seattle singer and songwriter Damien Jurado. A year later Tillman started opening for Jurado.

In 2008, Tillman joined Seattle folk rock band Fleet Foxes as their drummer. The band had already released 2 albums and were already gaining notoriety when he joined.

And now, it’s Father John Misty who is in the Spot Light….and with good reason.

So enjoy music fans….I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Strum a little…

~Abby K

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