February 26, 2016– NEKO CASE

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Well Spring has sprung music fans! Whoo hoo!  I feel for my friends back in the mid-west who just had another snowfall. But It is only February!  Sending everyone sweet smells and sounds of Springtime.

And to kick off this glorious feeling, today’s ‘spot light’ artist is one of my very top favorites!  A friend of mine randomly brought her up to me this week and it dawned on me that I have not featured her yet in the past two years I have been blogging! I’m almost ashamed.  

Neko Case. Born in Virginia, but considers the Emerald State her home.  And a significant influence of mine musically.  I love covering Neko’s songs.  And each time I’ve seen her play live, I imagine it’s similar to what my afterlife should sound like.   

In 1994, Case moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to attend the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. While attending school she played drums in several local bands and began singing and recording with The New Pornographers.  After school, she left Canada for Seattle, Washington.  

Case still plays with the active New Pornographers and sometimes tours with Canadian singer and songwriter Carolyn Mark as The Corn Sisters. One of their performances, at Seattle’s Hattie’s Hat restaurant in Ballard, was recorded and released as an album. I play at Hattie’s Hat a few times a year and it’s the perfect spot to record a record. And I love that her vibe is in that room!   

This song in particular is her essence.   And probably my favorite of hers.  It’s beautiful.  Just like Springtime.  

Strum a little…..

~Abby K   

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