February 5, 2016– EARTH WIND & FIRE

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Another sad loss in the music world. I have a list a mile long of new and living artists to spot light but lately, every post of mine seems to be a tribute for one that’s passed.

It makes me think how different music is today. All the legends that we love who paved the way musically in profound ways. Who are those artists today that younger generations will be influenced and talked about? It’s just so different. Music legends seem few and far between today; at least in the historical sense.

But that’s the beauty of music. It’s always changing. And new sounds and innovation will arise and surprise. Here’s hoping.

Maurice White was born in Memphis, Tennessee and got his start as a drummer. White eventually moved to Chicago and got his hands working with artists like Etta James, Ramsey Lewis, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy.

In 1969, Maurice formed a songwriting team who wrote songs for commercials in the Chicago area. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles and altered the name of the band to Earth, Wind & Fire, the band’s new name reflecting the elements in White’s astrological chart. Talented and spiritual. Cool!

Maurice was the bandleader and producer of most of the band’s albums winning countless grammy’s, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Songwriters Hall of Fame status.

Due to his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in the late 1980s, White stopped touring with Earth, Wind & Fire in 1994 but retained executive control of the band and was still very active in the music business, producing and recording with other artists.

September will never be the same. Rest in peace Reese.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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