February 6, 2015– PAOLO NUTINI

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Hello music fans! It’s that time of the week again to share what I love best….music!

Today’s candy is Paolo Nutini, Scottish singer songwriter and musician. And a musician I’ve been following (and loving) for a decade now.

Nutini was expecting to follow his father into the family fish and chip shop business. He was first encouraged to sing by his music-loving grandfather, and a teacher at his school who recognized his talent. Nutini left school to work as a roadie and to sell t-shirts for Speedway. He spent three years learning the music business and performing live. He later worked as a studio hand at Glasgow’s Park Lane Studio. Nutini became known for singing with his eyes closed during his entire performances which I find fascinating because I specifically work on NOT shutting my eyes when I play!

Nutini stated in a June 2014 interview that he has smoked cannabis every day of his life since the age of sixteen! Hmmm…doesn’t seem to have hurt him much. It’s nice living in a state that recognizes that I suppose. Hey….life is a balance friends.

So enjoy this little trip back to a time, era and sound that takes me to very happy places.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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