January 16, 2015– VANCE JOY

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Well hello again music fans! Got a tasty song for you this week.

Every year I train to run a half-marathon. (We can talk privately on what that craziness is all about!) But one of the perks and highlights of it, is that I get to really listen to A LOT of music while putting in the milage. There is just so much good music out there that there are not enough weeks to cover it all!

Today I introduce you to Vance Joy. Australian singer-songwriter born as James Keogh December 1,1987. He chose his stage name based on a book titled “Bliss”; the character of the father who was a crazy old story teller. I love that! He released his debut EP ‘God Loves You When You’re Dancing’ in March 2013. (I can’t think of a better title myself to draw me in since I am an avid dancer too.)

His first album ‘Dream Your Life Away’ is just that; dreamy. His lyrics are perfection and melodies combined with his smooth voice, quickly sink into my soul. There isn’t even a mediocre song on his album. So take a listen and enjoy today’s soul food.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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