January 29th, 2016– GRIFFIN HOUSE

‘Spot light on a Song’

Some weeks fly. And others like flying the concord. ‘My Stupid Heart’ from last weeks blog is still lingering loudly in my ear.

I know I worked a lot on my upcoming song release #2! Two weeks to go. If you haven’t subscribed to my ‘I Heart Rock’ campaign, please consider. Check out all the details at https://teespring.com/I-Heart-Rock

So getting to the nitty gritty; Griffin House. My ‘spot light’ artist for the week. I had the fortunate opportunity to see him live and very up close and personal a few years back. He was candy to my ears. A superb song writer that makes you feel you’re sitting next to him in your living room. Playing his guitar as it was an appendage he’s always had. A story teller whose personal stories still stick with me to this day.

House bought his first guitar for $100 from a friend, turned down a golf scholarship to Ohio University and instead went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and started to teach himself how to play the guitar and write songs.

House began writing and recording and issued his first independent release,Upland, in 2003. And for all my Seattlelite readers, it’s rare to be able to go and hear the artist I write about! He’ll be back here on February 11th at Columbia City Theatre. If you can swing your schedule to see him, I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

I love this song in particular. Enjoy.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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