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‘Spot light on a Song’

Happy New Year music fans! Wow….2015 came and went. In a blink. And 2016 has many new and exciting promises ahead in music. For one, my second album is launching its first song release in less than 2 weeks! Whoo hoo! Stay tuned.  🙂

Spending a few weeks away from my usual everyday life over the holidays, today’s song ‘spot light’ hit me like a ton of bricks down memory lane when I heard it on my travels. It brought a big smile across my face and a brief “should I break out into dance in the middle of this public place” moment which I quickly got a hold of and decided against.

“I THINK I LOVE YOU”. Composed by songwriter Tony Romeo in 1970 and released as the debut single by The Partridge Family, featuring David Cassidy on lead vocals and Shirley Jones on background vocals. And was a number one hit for weeks. A song about fear. And conquering it. I loved this song as soon as I was old enough to process it ’til now….many decades later.

I can’t think of a better start to 2016 then by singing–and dancing around the house to this one. I hope you’ll join me in spirit. And continue reading my weekly ‘spot lights’ on songs and artists that bring great music to my life.

Let’s all face our fears and conquer a few in 2016. Be it in your daily work, a deep seeded dream or in love– just keep on swimming. Happy New Year!

~strum a little…..

Abby K

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