July 1, 2016- ROGUE WAVE

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A very happy Friday music fans!  Summer in Seattle is in full force; perhaps the most beautiful place on earth this time of year.  And I’m in-between shows on my ‘Tell It On the Road Tour”, out there experiencing music, the road, and life.   

Today’s ‘Spot light’ artist is one of my old fav’s who I sadly missed while they were passing through town last week.  I’ll catch them next time though because they just released their 6th album in April.  I particularly love their band name; because we all feel like a Rogue Wave from time to time wanting our world to calm down just to grasp enough air to survive. Fortunately we do, as impossible as it may seem at a moment.  Back on track and moving forward we continue.    

Rogue Wave is an indie rock band from Oakland, California, headed by Zach Schwartz (a.k.a. Zach Rogue) who created the band after losing his job in the dot-com bust.  Sounds familiar……

All you have to do is listen to this band and you will feel their love and passion for what they do.  You will experience the view from their rivers and roads. Turbulence and all.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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