July 25, 2014– JEFF TWEEDY

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‘Spotlight on a Song’

Hello music fans! Guess what? I’m thrilled to be writing this post this morning from the beautiful Hood Canal in the lovely state of Washington…a mere 2 hours from where I live in Seattle. I’ve been in a remote cabin on the canal song writing for 2 days living off oysters right outside my door. (I do have pics to prove!) I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect spot to seclude myself facing the necessary creative energy one needs to write a special song.

Today’s song that I am sharing is by a Chicago favorite of mine. Jeff Tweedy is a long time legend, known by most from Wilco. I remember seeing Jeff Tweedy the first time almost 16 years ago in a tiny little bar owned by his wife on Lincoln Avenue. Although he was an acquired taste for me then, I appreciate Tweedy’s music and know his alternative country influence has molded me in so many ways. I am sharing this clip from his performance from the Jimmy Fallon show last night because he wrote this with his son Spencer who plays drums. A dear friend of my family is also playing the guitar which must be the most incredible feeling to play with Tweedy himself! Wow! Congrats Jim! (he’s on the left). Enjoy!

strum a little….

~Abby K

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