July 28th, 2017–  THE AVETT BROTHERS

July 28th, 2017– THE AVETT BROTHERS

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Enjoying the Summer music appreciators?  

I can’t believe it’s already the end of July.  August always represents the end of the Summer for me; when it’s time to get ready to go back to school. Even as an adult, I still have the same feeling.  

But there is still a month left of Summer I have packed with incredible experiences I’ve been planning for many months. One in particular is the Solar eclipse, where I’ll be directly under its path in Jackson, Wyoming.

One of the events I experienced last week is today’s ‘spot light’ artist.  I am fortunate to live under two hours from The Gorge; offering sweeping and majestic views of the Columbia River as it skirts the foothills of the Cascade Range. It’s known for its spectacular views of the Columbia Gorge canyon and considered one of the most scenic concert locations in the world.  I have also been lucky enough to see one other great scenic concert location at Masada.  I still have my eyes set on Red Rock and will get there eventually. 

But last week I got to hear The Avett Brothers sing in front of The Gorge.  If you’ve never seen these talented brothers, you should. Their nine albums to date speak for themselves. This song in particular was the last one they sang in their set, as the sun sank below the Columbia River and a sea of stars made their debut. Now that’s what I call Summer.

strum a little……

~Abby K