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‘Spot light on a Song’

Good morning music world!  I have a busy day outdoors staring me down so lets get right to it.  

Last night I went to go and hear former Civil Wars member John Paul White sing at a very small and intimate venue.  I was curious to see him and hear his music now that he’s branched off into a solo career.  Very talented artist no doubt.  Personally though, he lost his peanut butter to his jam. But that’s not where I’m heading in this weeks blog.    

White had a couple of sisters open up for him, in addition to using their voices for over half of his set. With good reason.  Perhaps his secret weapon while boldly getting back out there.

Laura and Lydia Rogers, AKA ‘The Secret Sisters’ are sisters from Muscle Shoals, Alabama growing up with a zeal for country music and singing songs with their family by country music artists. 

Since 2010, they’ve released two full albums, were signed (and already dropped) by Universal Records, and are now opening and having their upcoming third record produced by the one and only Brandi Carlisle.  If that’s not my craziest fantasy.   

These ladies stole the show and were the most pleasant surprise of the night. The clip is live from their show last night.  Their harmonies are dreamy.  Perfection.  

Strum a little….

~Abby K


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