July 8, 2016– M. WARD

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‘Spot light on a Song’

I hope everyone is enjoying summer days.  Where the sun rises at 4:30 and sets at 10; at least in the top NW corner of the world.  

Today I’m keepin’ it weird and heading to Portland on my ‘Tell It On the Road Tour.’  I love driving to new places and bringing my music to new ears. Perfect segue to talk about one of my long time fav’s, M. Ward who considers himself a Portlandian. 

Matthew Stephen, known by his stage name, M. Ward, is a singer-songwriter and guitarist whose solo work is mixture of folk and blues-inspired Americana.  

Releasing eight albums since 1999, he is also a member of pop duo She & Him and folk-rock supergroup Monsters of Folk, as well as participating in the recording, producing, and playing with multiple other artists.  Ward is a true talent to my ears.  His voice is completely unique and his musicianship stellar.   

This little gem was my introduction to Ward from his 2006 ‘Post War’ Album and my personal favorite. Take a little trip to this and enjoy!

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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