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‘Spotlight on a Song’

Todays spotlight on a song is a few days early as I’m heading to camp in the northern Wisconsin woods….aack! Mosquito’s and humidity here I come.

This new band is called the Madden Brothers. This song in particular is quite catchy musically. Very retro with a 60’s flare…LOVE!

I particularly like this song for its’ double entendre. At first I assumed it was about a relationship….because we all go through them…be it friends, lovers, partners or spouses. And we’ve all said these 3 little words….at least in our heads. But the beautiful part of this song is that it’s about something entirely different; which I like even better! Empowerment. This is well worth the watch.

So carry on music fans….and remember to always believe in yourself and speak your peace. ♡

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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