June 30, 2017–    NEW POLITICS

June 30, 2017– NEW POLITICS

‘Spot light on a Song’

HAPPY FRIDAY and Summer music lovers!

It’s been a long while since my last post; mostly because I’ve been busy playing some super cool gigs and attending to my personal life. Something had to give. And while I will continue to write my music blogs, they will be less frequent; monthy rather than weekly. Time is precious and I’m not certain there are enough eyes on my blog to warrant and continue a weekly committment.

So with that, I will jump right in because today’s ‘Spot light’ has me singing with it each time it comes over the radio. Danish rock band New Politics is from Copenhagen and formed in 2009. Their punk, pop, electronic, infused dance rock kicks ass!  They remind me a little of the band FUN because they are just that. I especially love the message and lyrics this song resonates. It’s very refreshing and I recommend taking it for a spin. 

A happy and very safe Fourth of July!  

strum a little……

~Abby K