March 11, 2016– THE BEATLES

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Hello music lovers!  A beautiful Spring day we’re having in the PNW.  I love this time of year; when everything is being born.  The beginning.  The excitement of the unknown ahead.

 Today I’m going to tribute my ‘spot light’ on a man who had significant influence, or was a huge musical blanket for most of the world: George Martin, AKA, The Fifth Beatle. Who doesn’t know and love the Beatles. Including even the youngest of generations today.

 Martin’s more formal musical expertise helped fill the gaps between the Beatles’ unrefined talent and the sound that distinguished them from other groups which eventually made them successful. Most of the Beatles’ orchestral arrangements and instrumentation (as well as frequent keyboard parts on the early records) were written or performed by Martin in collaboration with the less musically experienced band.  Martin was the man behind the band for most of The Beatles’ early albums.

 Martin passed away this week in his home at the beautiful age of 90 survived by his wife of 50 years and their four children.   Now that is a lot of accomplishments in addition to the sounds he created and brought to the world.   Maybe he rest in the sweet sounds that he brings us everyday.  <3

 Strum a little….

~Abby K

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