March 17, 2017– SCOTT WILCOX

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Today’s story is a great one!  Please give this one a read.  

This week my title track “Heart Shaped Rock” was featured on a cool radio show on; a two hour show playing new music from unsigned artists.  It was surreal hearing my voice and my words broadcast to the world. I listened to the entire show filled with talent spanning a multitude of genres.  I was genuinely humbled. And I caught some pretty amazing new artists I plan to spot light over the coming year.   

Starting with today’s ‘spot light’ artist from Tomah, Wisconsin, Scott Wilcox.  Less than two hours from Madison, where it so happens I was born but not raised.  Scott’s song writing is some of the finest I’ve ever heard. It captured my attention in under five seconds. He has a beautiful and welcoming voice and I knew I had to learn more.   

Singing and playing piano from a very early age, Scott always wanted to pursue music.  But like most parents (including myself, a musician!) he was told “Music is a hobby, don’t quit your day job.” So for the next 20 years, he didn’t. 

He got a degree in advertising and then went back to school to be a Special Ed. teacher.  One day, he was teaching class and a student came to him and said, “Mr. Wilcox, I love you to death. You’re my favorite teacher in the school but I have to say, I think you’re a hypocrite!” When he asked him why he thought so he said this, “For five years you have told me and all the other students that we should find our calling in life, the thing that we were meant to be and do and then follow it with all our heart and soul.

Then here you are with all this musical talent and you choose to stay here and teach us. You’re not following your dream Mr. Wilcox. Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?” Scott could have easily denied that he was right and told him that he gets his inspiration by watching them become inspired, but the truth was; he was hiding. All his life he’d listened to the outside voices in his life tell him that his dreams were unrealistic because they were too hard. But they were wrong. What is wrong is living your life doing something passion-less and pretending you are satisfied. So, he finished out his teaching year, left his job and began to try. 

In his first year of trying, Scott produced his first CD called Love Notes, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass Show, won the Bob Dylan songwriting competition, and appeared on many local TV and radio interviews. 

He realized that music has never been what he does, it’s who he is, and he can’t deny his music any more than he can deny the blood in his veins. “The only voice that matters in this world is the one inside of you.”  

When he left teaching, Scott began the real adventure he was born to live. If he has one bit of advice for you, it’s to follow your passion with all your heart mind and soul, and never let anyone tell you your dream is too big to become a reality.    

Thanks Scott.  For your gift and your reminder of why I continue to do what I do with my music everyday. Even when it feels like nobody is listening. I look forward to meeting you one day in person and sharing a song together rather than only a radio show.   

Strum a little….

~Abby K