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‘Spot light on a Song’

Good morning music appreciators!  Since landing in Seattle almost five years ago, I realize I am not only in the land of natural wonders, but I have hit the jackpot with music; specifically radio stations!  KEXP is probably the best non-profit radio station in the country promoting new artists from all over the world. Check it out.

I’ve also discovered a much smaller golden nugget called ‘The Bridge’; our local high school radio station. Playing artists from Carole King to Nick Lowe, The Beatles to Cage the Elephant, it’s the most perfect radio station to ever exist. It shocks me that it’s being run by today’s teenagers of America!  I’m relieved they can appreciate good music that isn’t beat driven to the point where your car shakes or is drowned in electronica. It’s as if they created this station specifically for their parents!  

The most refreshing part is listening to their “talk radio shows”.  Listening to 16 year old’s talk is like going back in time– into a world when life had no real worries except how you looked and what you were going to do over the weekend!  Times have changed for certain; nobody cares what they look like (which is a good thing most of the time!) and getting good grades and into college seems to be the dominant concern. However, these kids still talk about what teens talk about.  Social situations, latest baseball scores, rowing practices and even hilarious guessing games about movies or their personal lives. I love it and choose to listen at any chance possible rather than hearing the madness on grown-up stations.  

This song was played this week in their rotation and I got really excited. ELO.This band was formed from their desire to create modern rock and pop songs with classical overtones. I can’t think of one bad song by this band. On April 7, 2017, ELO will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So take a listen and get ready to want to dance….do if you’re so inclined.  

Strum a little….

~Abby K