March 3, 2017– JAMES TAYLOR

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Hello again….Friday.  Fire and rain. The two things top of mind for me this week. Fire: because two friends of mine lost their homes yesterday to it. Fortunately no one  nor animals were hurt. Rain: because it seems unusually heavy this winter and has made it’s way into my house. Mine will dry, my friends will rebuild. I’m happy it’s March. The days are suddenly getting longer and soon enough we will be embarking on Springtime.

In honor of both acts from Mother Nature, today’s ‘spot light’ artist is none other than James Taylor.  Taylor achieved his breakthrough in 1970 with the No. 3 single “Fire and Rain”, a metaphoric song about personal experiences; attempting to break drug habits, the suicide of his lifelong childhood friend Suzanne, and fame.  Everything always seems better from the outside.  

For most of his early life, Taylor felt he couldn’t fulfill the life he was supposed to lead; sending him into deep depressions.  One teacher is noted saying “James was more sensitive and less goal oriented than most students of his day.”  The success of Taylor’s career goes unspoken. Never under-estimate somebody because they don’t fit into a specific mold.   

Fire and rain will always exist, but with strength and persistence, you can prevail.  Enjoy the rain and try to love the burn.

Strum a little….

~Abby K