May 6, 2016- ANDREW BIRD

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‘Spotlight on a Song’

A very happy and beautiful Friday music fans!. I feel so lucky to live on the best coast. I’m not certain I will ever get used to the beauty I witness everyday. Enough to make me want to whistle a happy tune…..

….speaking of whistling……

May I introduce today’s spot light artist; one of the greatest whistlers I’ve ever heard, Mr. Andrew Bird. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Bird has been playing music since early childhood. A musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, he was initially known through his work with the band Squirrel Nut Zippers; also one of my all time favorite swing bands who I’ve danced countless nights to!

As a child, he was interested in classical, Irish tunes and bluegrass. Other influences included jazz, swing, calypso, and folk. Bird has stated that, at 22, he found a lot of indie rock and pop music repetitive and boring, but now understands it better. And boy does he! His just released album “Are You Serious”, is phenomenal; a huge shift from his past decade of music. A little blend of Bird sprinkled with seeds of Americana. A delicious recipe indeed!

Bird is flying his way to Seattle in a few weeks and rest assured I will be there! Don’t miss him if he’s heading your way.

This song in particular caught my fancy. A sweet duet with Fiona Apple I think you will enjoy.

Strum a little….
~Abby K

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