November 18, 2016– TOULOUSE

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A very happy Friday music appreciators!  What a week of loss in musical greatness; Leonard Cohen.  I will spot light him another week, but wow– I feel that one.  

Moving right to today’s “spot light”, I want to squash out any confusion some might have about today’s song.    

“I Will Follow You” has come back with a beautiful vengeance covered by the Nigerian-born artist New York singer/producer Toulouse. You can hear it in the iPhone 7 commercial highlighting the new message expression, featuring 1000’s of balloons filling the city of Chicago.    

But lets give credit to who credit is due. The song “I Will Follow Him” was originally made famous in 1961 by Little Peggy March written by a long line of composition history. Toulouse’s fixation of the song began when he heard the song in Sister Act.

“The movie Sister Act is a right-of-passage movie for me and one that my father added to our household  collection when we were still residing in Nigeria,” says Toulouse. “One of the first memories I had of being elated by music arrangement is when I first watched the final scene of the movie as a young boy. I was riveted. I fell in love with that rendition because of the solemnity of it, then the quick change into a big joyous uplifting grand chorus.”

“It wasn’t until years later that I found the other versions, but I retained that enjoyment of arrangement and continue to infuse and craft my songs that way,” he adds. 

It is a beautiful rendition indeed.  As is the original by Little Peggy; which you should also take a listen to.  If for nothing else then to remember the impact music has; empowering us to continue creating.

Strum a little….

~Abby K