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‘Spot light on a Song’

HOLY COW!  Has someone written a song with that title?!  I am still dancing in the Cubs victory celebration and history making!  I rarely use exclamation points but HOLY COW!  Yes I am beyond thrilled they finally broke the curse after 108 years!  But I’m even MORE moved by how they won; and pulled off a never before 1-3 deficit comeback ever witnessed in baseball history. That was baseball at its best. Both teams!  Congrats to the Indians for making it a nail biter to the final moment of the game.   

Sure it’s nice to see your team ahead in a safe blow-out game.  And it seemed it was going in the direction up until the 6th inning when the winds shifted— game changer.  I don’t recall an hour that internally intense (especially in sports!) ever in my lifetime.  And then came the rain.

Throughout history, and religiously speaking, rain is a symbol for a lot of things: tears, sorrow, anger, cleansing, renewal, forgiveness, love, rebirth and compassion.  Consider how we talk about rain, “Don’t rain on my parade”, “Save it for a rainy day”, “rain out”, which leads straight to “rain check”, and “It’s raining cats and dogs”. It would probably be a good bet that most of these phrases came from the group of people who see rain as more of an annoyance factor than a life or death matter.  But in actuality, rain is a gift to nourish the earth, thereby giving us life.  

When the game stopped for a rain delay after the Indians tied up the score 6-6 going into a never before 10th inning tie breaker, that is when I believed it was going to happen. Because rain to me is a sign of good luck. And just enough came down to stop the game, reminding the Cubs what they had together as a team.  Giving them the strength and fight to comeback to win the World Series. It’s really as simple as that.  As my friend said, “Who’s writing this screenplay?!!”

Moving to the land of rain (it was also raining here in Seattle for most of the game), I can relate to its annoyance— especially driving in it.  But ultimately, I love the rain and its beauty and gift of life it offers the green grass and 100 year old trees which surround me. I love its sound, smell and the feelings I feel when it falls.  I love dancing in it on a warm summer day.

So there you have it folks!  Take it from me who has spent a total of 76 hours the past four weeks watching baseball; we should ALL celebrate the rain and the luck & love which it brought our Cubbies!  Enjoy my favorite “rain” song written by one of my earliest musical influences, Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Never give up. Always believe.  Because anything can happen.

Strum a little….

~Abby K