October 21, 2016– CONOR OBERST

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‘Spot light on a Song’

We meet again.  Many song writers and artists will tell you who they are “compared to” and “sound like” when asked to describe themselves. (We hate that question by the way because we all think we sound unique.)  Yes, our styles are meshed with multiple influences in unique ways to create our sound, but in theory, we generally sound or remind people of someone.   I could give you the long list of who I “sound like”, but back to my spot light.  

Today’s artist has a sound that really isolates him in his own category.  Sincerely.   There are a few artists that fit in this category.   But there is no one (at least putting records out that I’ve discovered) who sounds like Conor Oberst.   A songwriter with an extensive resume and compared to Mr. Dylan himself.

I’ve seen Oberst a couple of times with his bands Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk.  He’s all grown up now.  And his new record exemplifies his profound song writing and soul touching music.

Ruminations came unintentionally and is very personal.  Recovering from exhaustion after he was rattled by a health scare, (he’s now doing fine) he moved back to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.  The songs poured out in 48 hours.  With only the piano, guitar and harmonica, the result is a collection of brave, dark songs confronting Oberst’s thoughts and fears during that time.

Watch a very special recording of three of those songs live here.  You’ll be glad you did.  Be sure to fast forward to 18:05 for its true start.   

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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