October 28, 2016– STEVE GOODMAN

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Today is a very special Friday; unlike any other that has existed in my lifetime– at least 71 years to be exact. I don’t consider myself to be much of a sports fan because I’m a music nerd.  I’ll always choose music over sports. But today, and this week, my life and schedule pretty much revolves around watching my favorite (and only) team fight to break a 108 year old stupid curse to win the World Series. The Chicago Cubs are going to go all the way and I’m going to witness it in my lifetime!  

I have always loved the Cubs; well before moving and living in Chicago for 20 years.  As a child, I didn’t go to many baseball games because we didn’t have much of a team in Louisville.  But I did watch the Cubs play all the time because it was broadcast on WGN, which we picked up.  Probably one of the influences for me moving there after college. The first time I ever went to Wrigley Field was a dream come true. There is nothing— and I mean NOTHING like Wrigley Field. I miss it; its sound, smell, and the energy you can feel just by being there. Cubs fans are the most loyal fans you will ever meet.  Back for more win or lose!   Never would we leave early in a play-off series because our team was losing like those Dodger so called fans!

This World Series is especially significant because I have been watching games and listening to endless facts from my son who declared the Cubs going all the way in 2014. He has taught me more than I have ever cared to know about this game, but his enthusiasm is infectious and an inspiration. Regardless if they win or lose, that’s what I’ll remember 50 years from now. 

I’ve already covered today’s “Spot light” artist, Steve Goodman.  But today I must highlight him again because this folk singer happened to be one of the biggest Cubs fans there was. Sadly Goodman died of leukemia in 1988 here in Seattle, and some of Goodman’s ashes were scattered at Wrigley Field. Additionally, his contribution of the anthem song,”Go Cubs Go”is sung after each winning game. Today is dedicated to him.  One of Chicago’s greatest Folk singers (and Cub fans) of all time. I know he’ll be celebrating.

It’s going to happen. Anything is possible. Anything can be.  GO CUBS GO!

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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