October 9, 2015– STEVE GOODMAN

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‘Spotlight on a Song’

Holy Smokes music fans!! Do you realize what happened this week? My Chicago Cubbies got themselves into the playoffs! Take me out to the ball game folks because this songwriter is so excited. We’re a step closer to changing a 106 year losing streak. And even living in the PNW now, my baseball heart will always remain with the Cubs. 

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So today I’m keeping in light. As personally, I loved Wrigley Field for its hotdogs, cold beer and the love those fans have for their Cubs. Below are 2 clips. First is from my favorite movie perhaps of all time….well, certainly in its genre….Back to the Future #2! The coolest prediction (keeping fingers crossed of course) of the Cubs taking home the Pennant in a sweep no less. And the year…..that’s right music fans……2015! Not even kidding. Check it out below.

The second clip is the beloved Cubs Anthem and song sung by millions of fans every game! Their victory song…at least when they win!https://youtu.be/A9XtDyDUjIU

“Go, Cubs, Go!” is a song written by Steve Goodman in 1984. Steve Goodman was an American folk music singer-songwriter from Chicago. Goodman was diagnosed with leukemia while attending college, and he set out to make the most of the time he had left to write music. Music appreciators probably best remember him from his most famous song made popular by Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson. Hearing a report that the Illinois Central Railroad was planning to eliminate, for lack of riders, a well-loved train that ran from Chicago to New Orleans, Goodman penned “City of New Orleans.”

So enjoy music fans….and to my Cubbies…. GO CUBS GO! I’ll be rootin’ for you.

Strum a little….

~Abby K

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