September 22, 2017– DAVID RAMIREZ

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‘Spot light on a Song’

Happy Fall Music Lovers.  What a Summer it was.  Very full and rewarding in every way.  Now the sun has shifted, the air has changed, and I open my eyes to new things.  Life always moves, so better to enjoy the ride wherever it may take you.

Today’s ‘spot light’ artist is someone very special.  When I get this moved and razzed about an artist I’ve never heard before, it’s as if I have a spiritual awakening. Not to sound dramatic but David Ramirez is that powerful. So good that he could possibly go head to head with Jeff Tweedy.  How I’ve only just discovered him is a shame of precious good music listening time gone wasted.  

From Houston, TX, Ramirez writes soulful, introspective songs that captures your attention immediately.  Don’t waste another moment.  I’m jumping around like a child that I get to see him live here in Seattle in a small venue before he fills up stadiums.  He is the real deal.

strum a little……

~Abby K