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‘Spot light on a Song’

What a great start to the day!  Happy Fall & Friday.  I’m so happy because my best friend is in town paying me a visit. Not much that can dampen my weekend.   

Zeroing back to local artists this week, I recall seeing this band about a year ago and really enjoying them. They are a modern day Jayhawks meets Neil Finn from Crowded House (Danny kind of resembles him in his earlier years, come to think of it).  Solid songs and easy on the ear, the show seemed to end too soon.   

Danny Newcomb is a true songwriter.  A seasoned musician playing in bands that opened for bands like Oasis and Peal Jam; then forming Rockfords with Mike McCready and Rick and Chris Friel. Danny’s been around the music block. But in all of those experiences, he never sang his own songs.   

His debut record Masterwish came out in August.  And being unable to say it as well as Danny,  “A long road to a place I’ve always wanted to end up, but wondered if I ever could find it. My place, the heart of the song.

Strum a little….

~Abby K


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