September 26, 2015– NIL LARA

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‘Spotlight on a Song’

Hello music fans! A day late….but felt it was an important week to highlight today’s artist. A song that touched me in a very powerful way– 13 years ago, yesterday. And every September 25th. And I’m sure everyone who reads this can relate to it in some small way. Growing up. Becoming independent. Finding yourself and spreading your wings towards new horizons and adventures. That little thing we call life.

Nil Lara (born 1964) is a Cuban-American musician from Miami, Florida who is a singer, guitarist and songwriter, playing the tres, the six-stringed Cuban guitar, and the cuatro, a Venezuelan guitar.

Lara’s music is based on Cuban and Venezuelan folklore, with inspiration from Western musicians like Stevie Wonder and Pink Floyd. He formed a group called K.R.U. while at the University of Miami, with whom he released two albums before they disbanded, after which he became a teacher at New World School of the Arts. In December 1993 Lara released My First Child with his new band, Beluga Blue. A song that is engraved in my heart and soul.

Lara has been touring since 1995, from small acoustic performances to arenas. He has toured with Lenny Kravitz, Blues Traveler, Natalie Merchant and many others. Enjoy!

Strum a little…..

Abby K

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